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    Glove Series


    Cleanroom Glove Selection Fundamentals Part III : Comfort Requirements

    Operators are the #1 contaminant source in controlled environments. Cleanroom gloves must be donned according to best...

    3 Questions To Qualify Your Cleanroom Glove Supplier

    Cleanroom gloves are supposed to be contaminant free. But not all gloves meet that requirement – and the impact on your...

    Valutek Blog


    Valutek has been providing controlled environment solutions to a vast number of organizations in the fields of life sciences, advanced materials, and academia since 1988. Valutek offers our clients best-in-class products and exceptional customer service.

    Latest Posts


    Critical Applications Require Repeatable, Standardized Testing

    For organizations with critical cleanroom environments, relying on manufacturer-proprietary test...

    Quality Matters: The Significance of Transparent Test Data

    For cleanroom consumables, consistent quality is critical to maintaining cleanliness standards....

    Valutek's Commitment to Quality Began 35 Years Ago

    Since our founding, quality has remained a core value of our business and central to our mission of...

    5 Reasons to Trust Valutek as Your Critical Environment Consumables Manufacturer

    Your critical environment consumables are used in every step of your cleanroom operation, with your...

    When Does It Expire? Understanding Shelf Life of Cleanroom Consumables

    When it comes to cleanroom consumables, a product’s recommended shelf life or specific expiration...