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Technical Paper Series

Cleanroom Product Selection
Recommended Practices

Technical Paper

Cleanroom Consumable & Vendor Selection: Recommended Practices

A Class 10 cleanroom garment or a Class 100 wiper or glove does not exist.

Manufacturers asserting a product is certified to a broad cleanroom standard is an overgeneralization that was the result of a marketing fad in the 1990s. 

This technical paper explains how controlled environments should develop criteria for critical reusable and single-use materials in line with IEST Recommended Practices.

Authored by Jan Eudy for Valutek.

A cleanroom operator with a face mask, coverall, and shoe cover standing up in a cleanroom.
Cleanroom Gloves and Glove liner vector images
Technical Paper

Cleanroom Gloves & Vendor Selection: Recommended Practices

Glove selection hinges on the glove's precise performance specifications concerning the application, as well as the operator's tactile sensitivity and comfort. This engenders the challenge of choosing the most suitable glove for your facility, necessitating a delicate trade-off between utmost comfort and impeccable cleanliness.

This technical paper emphasizes the significance of performance criteriaspecification process, and testing methods for glove selection, all in accordance with the practices recommended by the IEST, ASTM, and ANSI Standards.

Authored by Jan Eudy for Valutek.

Technical Paper

Cleanroom Wipers & Vendor Selection: Recommended Practices

Utilizing wipers for cleaning is among the most efficient means of eliminating contaminants. To ensure successful cleaning and uphold adherence to standards, it is crucial to choose the suitable wiper and employ proper wiping methods.

This technical paper unveils the performance criteria, selection process, and testing methods in accordance with the practices recommended by the ISO and IEST Standards.

Authored by Jan Eudy for Valutek.

A cleanroom operator who wears blue nitrile gloves wipes a surface with a fan-fold dry wiper.
Three cleanroom operators in full-body coveralls standing up.
Technical Paper

Cleanroom Garment & Vendor Selection: Recommended Practices

Maintaining stringent air cleanliness standards in controlled environments is essential for industries where contamination can have far-reaching consequences.

Cleanroom garments play a pivotal role in upholding these standards by preventing the dispersion of particles that could compromise the quality of the environment. 

This technical paper provides guidance on the performance, construction, and testing of both single-use and reusable cleanroom garments in line with IEST Recommended Practices (IEST-RP-CC003).

Authored by Jan Eudy for Valutek.

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