Critical Glove & Wiper Selection Determination

Specifying the Correct Glove & Wiper 

Based on the current guidance from the IEST Recommended Practices for Gloves (RP CC005.4) & Wipers (RP CC004.4), Valutek has provided industry-standard guidance to ensure that our client’s product & process contact gloves/wipers are a “matched set” since 1988. It is essential that your critical gloves & wipers do not contribute to contamination.

By completing the questionnaire, Valutek can ensure that you are specifying the most appropriate gloves & wipers to help your controlled environment operate at a stable state. It will also give you the peace of mind that you are providing your operators with the right tools. Specifying the appropriate gloves and wipers will:

  • Improve operational compliance
  • Reduce defects
  • Enhance yields

Valutek will make the appropriate glove and wiper recommendations based on the needs of your specific application. You have access to all this when you enroll in the “Specifying the correct Glove & Wiper” program