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Technical Paper Series

Banner: Valutek Cleanroom Product Selection Recommended Practices Technical Paper

Cleanroom Product Selection:
Recommended Practices

This technical paper series explains how controlled environments should develop criteria for the selection of critical cleanroom products; gloves, wipers, and garments in accordance with IEST Recommended Practices, ASTM, and ANSI Standards.

The series emphasizes the significance of

  • Performance Criteria
  • Specification Process
  • Testing methods
Banner: Valutek Navigating Cleanroom Standards Technical Paper

Navigating Cleanroom Standards:
A Comprehensive Guide to Organizations, Regulations, and Associations

This technical paper series provides a comprehensive overview of the entities such as; 

  • General Standard Organizations (IEST, NIST, ASTM, ANSI, NEBB)
  • Controlled Environment Focus Standard Organizations (ISO, IEST and ICCCS)
  • U.S. Government Agencies (DOD, FDA, USDA and NASA)
  • Life Science NGOs and Industry Trade Associations
  • Advanced Materials NGOs and Industry Trade Associations

Innovative Solutions for Critical Environments